Terms & Conditions


General Terms of Wipach on-line wine shop are in compliance with the General General Data Protection Regulation (GDPRA-revised wording 2) based on recommendations of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in Industry and International Codex applicable to internet and electronic business operation.
The Customer confirms that he/she has read the entire wording of the General Terms and that he/she agrees with them.



E-MAIL: enotheque.si@gmail.com

MOBILE: 00386 (0)41 923 328

TAX NO.: SI30843006

VAT-registered business: NO





The Seller shall provide the Customer with the following information:

  • Identity of Seller (name and address)

  • Contact information, which will provide fast and effective communication of users with the Seller (e-mail, telephone nos.)

  • Main characteristics of goods

  • Availability of products (type of a product available on-line; availability within the reasonable time period)

  • Product delivery conditions (costs, manner and time of delivery)

  • All prices should be clear and unquestionably determined; they should clearly state, whether taxes and costs of transport are included or not

  • Available type of payment

  • Validity time of an offer



    The vistor obtains his/her user’s name at the time of login on the Wipach web-site, which is the same as the user’s e-mail, and the user’s password. The user’s name and password clearly connect the user to the entered data. A visitor becomes the user by registration and obtains the right to buy; at the same time, the user agrees with the wording of the General Terms.


    4. ORDERS


    The Customer is held liable for his/her given data in the process of placing orders. The Seller is not held liable for any eventual errors in delivery due to the incorrect address.


    After the order is placed, the Customer will receive on his/her e-mail a confirmation (Invoice), informing the Customer that the Seller has received the order. Delivery procedure of ordered products starts immediately after the Customer settles his/her liability (payment of Invoice). 


    The Seller shall deliver to the Customer the ordered goods within few working days, or as soon as possible.


    5. PRICES


    All prices on the web-site are expressed in EUR and include value added tax (VAT). Prices in the on-line shop refer to products, excluding costs of delivery. Reduced prices are reduced regular prices, which apply for a definite time. The Seller reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. Valid prices are those advertised at the time of order placement. All prices are valid for e-orders placed in the on-line shop.


    Prices stated at the end of the individual order include the cost of purchase and cost of delivery. The Seller will cover the costs of packing.




    Post of Slovenia will be in charge for the distribution in Slovenia. Postal charges will be charged as per the Price List of the Post of Slovenia. All postal consignments are insured and will be replaced in the event of damage.

    If you are not present at the time of delivery, you will receive an arrival advice.

    Postal charges Price List bases on the consignment weight.




    The Seller offers the following types of payment:


    Internal Sale (Slovenia)


  • Cash on delivery: if the Customer wishes to pay at the time of delivery, such payment is available only, if payment is made in cash. The Customer shall be personally present at the time of take over of the consignment. In this case, you will pay to the postman only an amount, which you received at the time of confirmation of the order.

  • Payments made on bank account:

  • Payments by PayPal (protected payment system)  

    International Sale (Abroad):

  • Payments made on bank account:



  • Payments by PayPal (protected payment system)


 In line with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Customer has the right to inform the Seller within 15 days from the receipt of the goods, on withdrawal from the order. The Customer may return the goods based on the notice on withdrawal sent by e-mail to info@wipach.si.

The goods shall be returned to the Seller not later than on the 30th day from the sent notice on withdrawal from the contract (sale/purchase). The Customer shall return the goods free of any damage, in original packing and in the same quantity to Vinska klet Wipach, Lože 18 B, 5271 Vipava (Slovenia). The Customer will bear the costs of return.

In case of withdrawal from the order, previously made payments to us will be returned to you, after the inspection of goods, which should be free of any damage and in the same quantity as delivered to you. Return of payments will be made as soon as possible, but not later than within 15 days following the acceptance of the returned goods. The Customer shall enclose the invoice for the returned goods, his/her personal data and bank account to which his/her payments will be transferred.   


All products for sale in our on-line shop are not time limited in use. All products and bottled wines ripe and gain nobility.  Ripping changes the quality of wine and the wine’s primary organoleptic description.

Exchange of the product ceases in the following cases:

Incorrect storage of the product exposed to inadequate temperatures and source of light,

  • Negligent handling of products,

  • Damages arising due to mechanical impact by fault of the Customer, or a third person.




    On-line shop reserves the right to dismiss an order, if it is established, that delivery is not possible due to stated terms, conditions and data.  




    The Seller shall protect all personal data at all times. Personal data will be used exclusively for the purpose of invoice, offer and other documentation purposes. In order to complete your order, we will need the following:

  • Your birth name

  • Your family name

  • Telephone no.

  • E-mail address

  • Street and house no.

  • Place

  • Zip code

    11. WARNING


    It is prohibited to sell alcohol to minor persons. A Customer should be of legal age at the time of placing an order, in the contrary the Seller may withdraw from the Contract. By accepting General Terms, you will confirm that you are of legal age (18). Ministry of Health warns: Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.